Today in the city Brooker 25.04.2018
'Black Mirror' has taken a part of London into the 1980s

As if 2018 wasn't enough like a Black Mirror episode already. SEE ALSO: 'Black Mirror' will get a fifth season to fuel your nightmares People living in Croyden, a suburb of London, received letters in...

How Web Browsers Have Changed 25 Years After The Introduction Of Mosaic

This week marks the 25th anniversary of the first real web browser, Mosaic, the tool that opened up the Internet to widespread use.

You Can Shop Acne Studios On Steep Discount — But Only For 48 Hours

These days, there are a lot of ways to get discounts, from browser add-ons to codes to surprise sales on Instagram Stories, and even referrals from friends. And still, nothing beats a good sample sale...

Will Burger King Again Be The Revenue Driver For Restaurant Brands Intl In The First Quarter?

Restaurant Brands International (NYSE: QSR) is set to release its first quarter earnings on April 24...growth is expected to be led by continued growth in Burger King, as well as a result of the acqui...

Silicon Valley's favorite veggie burger is about to hit a wave of controversy — but scientists say it's bogus

A handful of recent stories cite potential red flags about the safety of the Impossible Burger, a vegetarian patty made by Silicon Valley startup Impossible Foods, which has backing from Bill Gates. A...

OMG guys, Amazon just invented and released the 'Internet'

Have you heard of the "Internet"?  It's this totally new thing from Amazon, and if my suspicions are correct it's going to be big. It has the power to connect us all, and as long as everyone has...

The meatless 'Impossible Burger' makes its first foray outside the US

Silicon Valley-based Impossible Foods is taking its plant-based "Impossible Burger" to the shores of Hong Kong.

Ad-blocking Brave browser signs deal with Dow Jones Media Group - CNET

The publisher of Barron's and a subsidiary of Dow Jones shows itself willing to experiment with the startup's technology for changing online advertising.

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