Today in the city Brooker 21.09.2017
Jim Chanos is betting against burger stocks because of McDonald’s resurgence

Jim Chanos believes McDonald's moves to improve its restaurants and its business will hurt other burger chain companies.

Charlie Brooker announces the authors for the 'Black Mirror' book and we're ready to be terrified

We've known for a while that Charlie Brooker's dystopian brain-baby was coming out in all new dead-tree format in February next year, but beyond that we didn't have many details. Except of course that...

Moe's is giving away free queso — here's how to get some (CMG)

Moe's wants to reassert itself as the king of queso.  On Thursday, the Tex-Mex chain is giving away free queso all day. All customers can get free chips and a six-ounce cup of queso at Moe's. You...

Charges against Ref Rodriguez for a rookie mistake are all out of proportion

In 2014, a politically active real estate executive named Peter Barker was fined $170,000 by the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission for violating campaign finance laws by having his employees and thei...

Opera's latest developer update adds support for VR playback - CNET

You'll be able to immerse yourself completely when you watch videos on Opera's browser if you have a VR headset.

5 great alarm clocks for reluctant wakers

1. Ruggie ($99) Because repeatedly hitting the snooze button only makes you feel groggier, Ruggie helps snooze addicts kick the habit. The pressure-sensitive foam mat won't stop blaring until you get...

Get ready for magic morphing fonts in your browser - CNET

Chrome and Safari can handle OpenType Variable Font tech that should open up design possibilities while speeding website loading.

These 5 companies are subtly spreading religious messages — and many customers have no idea

Some major American companies are subtly sending religious messages to customers — even if most people don't notice.  Brands like Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby have alienated some customers as executive...

The Impossible Burger: Inside the Strange Science of the Fake Meat That 'Bleeds'

Join WIRED for the deepest dive yet into the science of the Impossible Burger, the genetically engineered fake meat on a mission to upend the beef industry.

Shake Shack just added a fishy burger to the menu that's unlike anything we've ever seen — here's the verdict (SHAK)

Shake Shack just added an eel burger to the menu.  On Friday and Saturday, the Madison Square Park Shake Shack location is serving the new Eel Burger. The burger was created through a partnership with...

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